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How I Practice Sports Medicine

As an avid weightlifter, mountain biker and swimmer, Dr. Hoffman can commiserate with injuries causing setbacks to training. Whether you’ve just injured yourself at the gym or you’ve had a painful joint for a few months now, Dr. Hoffman can help to diagnose and treat you getting you back to your best self.

Every sports medicine injury consultation with Dr. Hoffman includes a musculoskeletal ultrasound examination of the affected joint or muscle*. The initial consultation also includes an initial phone consultation to determine the nature of your injury and whether an xray will be needed prior to coming in.

Based upon the findings from the physical examination and diagnostic studies, you and Dr. Hoffman will then discuss the best options for getting you back into the activities you love, and at the level you were at prior to injury.

This sports medicine practice is different in that it is concierge style. What does that mean for you as a patient? One thing it means is that you’ll get 30 to 45 minutes face to face with Dr. Hoffman on your initial visit compared to the typical 5-10 minutes at a traditional practice. It also means that we include the diagnostic ultrasound exam with your initial visit. Beyond that, in this day of high deductible insurance plans, it often means you’ll spend less money out of pocket than you would at a traditional practice. Call for details on pricing and to schedule your visit.


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Platelets are the part of blood cells that initiate and facilitate healing. There are many innovative and exciting ways this is used, including strains and muscular tears.

Testosterone Optimization

At Skin & Bone Docs we strive to treat the athlete as a whole person, not just your aching joints or injuries. One way Dr. Hoffman works to do this is by offering hormone replacement therapy for the male athlete. Like the rest of his sports medicine practice, this aspect too is done concierge style. If you’ve been feeling less energetic, fatiguing sooner than you used to at the gym or losing muscle mass and gaining unwanted fat, schedule your consultation for testosterone replacement therapy.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Exams

As part of your initial visit, the physician will examine the affected joint or limb using ultrasound, providing dynamic imaging and enabling the best treatment possible.

Dry Needling

dry needling is a treatment for tense tendons and muscles.

Steroid Injections

These are basic joint or tendon sheath injections using a corticosteroid plus lidocaine; this is often an initial option for pain relief before moving to one of the regenerative treatments such as PRP, prolo and amniotic fluid. It can help eliminate inflammation and pain but won’t heal torn tissues.

Peptide Therapy

Along with TRT, Dr. Hoffman offers a variety of options for those interested in peptide therapy. The growth hormone secretagogues are not quite bio-identical to growth hormone releasing hormone, but they all act to help the body release more of its own growth hormone. In that respect these are safer than treatment with human growth hormone because the potential harm of acromegaly and internal organ growth is hampered by the body’s own feedback inhibition. Dr. Hoffman offers a host of peptide options from sermorelin or ipamorelin independently, to combinations of those secretagogues with GHRP2 and/or GHRP6. Schedule a consultation to learn more.


This is a minimally invasive treatment for injuries such as ankle sprains by facilitating an inflammatory response of the ligament to decrease healing time. Prolotherapy also can give tremendous relief for arthritis pain, for many patients.

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How We Handle Insurance

Additional Details: Getting the middle man of insurance out of the equation allows Dr. Hoffman to provide the optimal patient care without the restraints that insurance places on the physician-patient relationship. As such, we do not bill any insurers for our services. Dr. Hoffman does not fill out paperwork for insurance companies, nor does he complete worker’s compensation paperwork or disability paperwork. For the latter, please see your primary care physician. Upon request we can provide diagnostic codes that allow you to submit claims for reimbursement. Diagnostic testing may be submitted to your insurance, or you may opt for reasonable cash pay options through our partners.

What Our Clients Have to Say:

Dr. Hoffman was very friendly and caring. He listened and really helped with my pain. I'm able to do activities I couldn't do before. I can't thank him and his practice enough!
A. Rogers
I am so pleased to have been connected with Dr. Hoffman. He has been a true blessing to me during my complicated medical issues. I totally trust his experience and abilities. It's wonderful to have a doctor that really cares, is patient, and has a great bedside manner. Dr. Hoffman is very commendable.
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