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Hormone Optimization

Many men begin to feel the detrimental effects of low testosterone starting in their mid-40s, although for some it starts by their early 30s.

Common Symptoms

A myriad of symptoms can be seen with low-T, here is a partial list:

Treating Low Testosterone

Dr. Hoffman treats low testosterone within the parameters of Internal Medicine standards and considers both a patient’s symptoms and laboratory values when evaluating treatment.  99% of his patients see drastic improvement in symptoms within 4 weeks of the treatment.  Your therapy will consist of bio-identical hormones which will be conveniently shipped to your home along with all the necessary supplies.

Some people, men and women both, are looking for more than what optimized hormones can do.  For these, peptide therapy is something to consider.  Peptide therapy refers to treatment with bio-identical growth hormone releasing hormone, which acts to help the body release more of its own growth hormone.  In that respect these peptides are safer than treatment with human growth hormone (or HGH) because the potential harm of acromegaly and internal organ growth is hampered by the body’s own feedback inhibition. This helps to improve energy, improve sleep quality, promote muscle growth and decrease fat tissue.    

Dr. Hoffman offers a host of peptide options from sermorelin or ipamorelin independently, to combinations of those secretagogues with GHRP2 and/or GHRP6. 

These are membership type programs which provides patients with first class, concierge style care, taking the insurance middle man out of the equation.

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