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Ultrashape is a body contouring procedure that uses ultrasound waves to permanently – and painlessly – destroy fat cells. 

Ultrashape was born out of the frustration that we all have – what we call our “problem areas.” These areas range from love handles (fat on your sides above the hip bone), muffin tops (a layer of fat around your lower mid section), and saddle bags (excess fat on the outside of your leg). Using ultrasound technology, the Ultrashape machine is able to permanently destroy these fat cells – with a 30% higher success rate and without the risks other treatments such as cool sculpting have. It’s not extremely hot or cold, in fact clients have said it simply feels like a cell phone vibrating on the treatment area. 

Ultrashape is best in a series of three treatments, two weeks apart. So if you start today, you’re done in six weeks. Buh-bye trouble zones! So what are you waiting for- give us a call to set up a consultation today!

Check out these results!

Before and Afters
abs post treatment examples

Male, early 30S

abs post treatment examples

male, early 30s

back post treatment examples

male, mid 30s

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